Actively Caring Health Savety

Development of Actively Caring Model for Occupational Health and Safety on Informal Sector Workers at Sasirangan Industry


Information of worker health and work health development in the informal sector at sasirangan industry is relatively lack of attention, so it should be anticipated and given a solution for a variety of obstacles in the implementation of occupational health and safety with the implementation of the Post of Occupational Health Efforts to support the active concern of occupational health and safety. This observational study using cross sectional approach aims to develop a model actively caring for occupational health and safety in informal sector workers at sasirangan industry. The population in this study were all informal sector workers at sasirangan industry registered in the Department of Industry and Trade of South Kalimantan Province in April-May 2016. The sampling technique is a Two Stage Sampling and gained as much as 230 respondents who met the inclusion criteria and come from 50 sasirangan industry in the City of Banjarmasin, Banjarbaru and Banjar. The analysis used is descriptive analysis and Structural Equation Modeling with the help of Amos software. The results showed implementation of post occupational health efforts has indirect effect on actively caring for occupational health and safety. Informal sector workers at sasirangan industry can improve the quality of self, awareness and concern about occupational health and safety, use of personal protective equipment to prevent occupational diseases and avoid injury or accident. Sasirangan entrepreneurs can pay attention to workers conditions and the use of Post of Occupational Health Efforts.

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