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Introduction: Patient with nasopharynx cancer may experience emotional distres. Emotional distres and anxiety may lead to decrease self-effi cacy. Clients with a negative perception of the health or low self-effi cacy would become apathetic and disability in soluns problem as compensation of getting that disease. The purpose of this study was the relaxation affi rmations techniques in order to increase self-effi cacy patient with nasopharynx cancer. Methode: This study used pra-experiment pre-post test design. Population was taken from patient with nasopharynx cancer of Ear Nose and Throat (ENT) Patient Departement Dr. Soetomo Hospital at Surabaya. Sample comprised of 19 respondents who selected based on inclusion criteria. Independent variable was the relaxation affi rmations. Dependent variable was self effi cacy of nasopharyngeal cancer patients. Data were collected using the observation sheet. Result: The results showed that there was a signifi cant infl uence of relaxation affi rmation in increased self-effi cacy patient with nasopharynx cancer, with p = 0.008. Discussion: Based on that results, it can be concluded that relaxation affi rmations help patients nasopharyngeal cancer in THT Patient Departement Dr. Soeotomo Hospital at Surabaya in improving self-effi cacy so that they would have ability to accept reality and belief in health pattern for optimalizing quality of life. Relaxation affirmations techniques including diaphragma breathing and affi rmation decrease sympatic nerve activity and increase positive fi rm belief in patient.

Keywords: relaxation affi rmations, self-effi cacy, nasopharyngeal cancer patients

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